Jhumka Earrings

This is one of most desirable jewellery in ladies list of choice. There are different type of earrings available but one of most unique, famous and preferred earring is jhumka. The jewellery collection of ladies is incomplete without jhumka.The earring looks like circular or traditional bell shape. This represents incessant beauty of jewellery that developed in ancient times. The jhumka comes in various shapes and sizes and can be used on daily basis. These earrings are smaller and lighter in weight. In India every region has distinct designs of jhumka with own importance. We would like to share different type of jhumka ladies must possess.

Traditional Jhumka:

These are traditionally rich jhumka which are worn with the traditional clothing. These earrings are in semi-precious stones like coral, pearls, ruby, emerald, sapphire, opal, pearls etc. and give beautiful look.

Oxidise Jhumka:-

The Oxidise Jhumka is popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra. This is commonly used in Navaratri festival while playing Dandiya and by wearing Ghagra and Choli.

Terracotta Jhumka:-

These jhumka are earthen baked clay handmade earrings and skin friendly. Basically the design of terracotta jhumkas are encouraged by nature and stylish look with different shapes.

Pearl Jhumka:-

Pearl jhumka is best choice to get elegant look. This is also used for traditional appearance. These jhumkas are available in different colour, size and shapes. Indian ladies are used these types jhumkas in festivals and celebrations and religious occasions.

Kundan Jhumka:-

The kundan jhumkas are fixed with sparking kundan. These jhumka are matched with designer outfits. Nowadays, there is craze to use kundan jhumka in all over India. These are heavy to carry but looks very beautiful. Mostly these jhumkas are used in wedding, parties and traditional events.

Diamond Jhumkas:-

This type of jhumkas are always looks beautiful on Indian clothing. The price is mostly high due to diamonds are used and they are costly. These jhumkas are very comfortable and light weight. Every women likes these jhumkas and it add glamorous look.